Friday, February 06, 2009

Good News

Stop looking everybody, my camera has been found. The Hair read my blog and rang me at
work to say it was in Mrs Holt Press' car. Mystery solved.

And that means I can post pictures instead of talking about them.
On Sunday The Esplanade Hotel aka The Nade, held a fundraising day for a local boy, Brae Fardella, who was hit by a car on his bike late last year and as a result is now a paraplegic.
Our church, Down South Gospel, which once a month has "Church in the Pub" on a Sunday morning and Christian Surfers were involved in helping out with elling raffle tickets, supervising the auction, running a sausage sizzle etc. As you can see from the newspaper article, Mrs HP, Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy all got their picture in the paper. Glass Dave and DJ were there and bought a number of items in the austion. Mrs HP bought a voucher for a Nutrimetics facial, which I presume was for her.
I donated one of my paintings (pictured) to the auction and it sold for $200. All up they raised nearly $9000 on the day which is a great effort.
You can also see some of the things I've been working on the last few days. I bought a coil of rusty wire at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and these are the results of my first attempts at wire sculpting. The pictures aren't great but in real life they look good and I really like them. One is hanging from the peaked roof, with a light rigged up inside it, the other holds a brass bowl with some tealight candles burning in it. I think they add character to our alfresco dining area (patio)!
I got a few old fence palings from another garage sale and have been turning one into a piece of art I call a "DashBoard". I'm always scrounging around for old, rusty, worn looking odds and ends like door knobs, hinges, gauges, hooks etc etc and have mounted them on the old piece of Jarrah.
It was fun drilling and cutting and attaching all the bits and pieces. I had done a similar one previously and used up most of the old gauges I had so today I went hunting around one of the salvage yards in Busso and found a bucket of rusty old bits and pieces that I thought I could use. They charged me the princely sum of $2.50 for the lot! Little did they know I would transform them into a piece of art that one day could be worth......more than $2.50!

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Jacqui said...

I am pleased you found your camera, we lost our original digital the day before we went East last year, and it still hasn't been found.

I like the wire sculptures