Saturday, February 14, 2009

Garage Sale Preparation

I've just spent the last 8 hours getting ready for tomorrow's garage sale! It had better be worth it! I swapped my taxi shift to tomorrow night so I could run the garage sale on Saturday. As I have said before, we/I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of stuff and it is time to get rid of it. I kept finding more and more things to add to the sale. Just gotta hope some of it appeals to the garage sale punters. One things for certain, whatever doesn't leave with a buyer leaves in a trailer! None of it is going back into the house or the shed!

The biggest hassle with it having taken so long to get it all ready is that in a few hours the early birds will come knocking on the door looking for bargains!
I am a much more civilised buyer, leaving it till late morning to begin doing the rounds.
Similarly, I am a considerate proprietor, I'll be open all day, none of this shut the doors at midday malarkey!

I want to see the junk rolling out and the money rolling in!

Talking of which, I had the distinct pleasure of counting up all the money from today's free-dress-day fundraiser for the Bushfire Appeal. The total came to over $2100, way beyond what we normally get for a free dress day, about four times as much in fact.
There's no doubt that this tragedy has touched the hearts of the whole nation, prompting an unprecedented outpouring of support and generosity. The Red Cross Appeal reached $75million last night!!
Thankfully the death toll seems to have plateaued, but the number of houses destroyed has risen to over 2000 I think, with 7000 people homeless as a result of the fires!

In 3 hours time Mrs Holt Press will take-off for Melbourne and her Dad's birthday. So far the rest of the family are surviving fine!

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