Friday, February 27, 2009

Beach Carnival Tomorrow

The Beach Carnival is on tomorrow at Meelup, one of the most beautiful beaches in the south west. The forecast is 29 degrees and no wind, just about perfect. I've spent all day finishing off preparations for the big event. We've got 508 permission forms in, 421 kids catching buses from Busso and Dunsborough, 80 staff on duty at 12 different areas, running 50 individual beach events ranging from volleyball and beach cricket to kayak relays and iron person races. It has been a logistical challenge to get it all ready, especially all the paperwork, permissions, risk management, medical forms, house lists, swimming qualifications, bus fares etc etc.

I think/hope I'm ready! Not much I can do about it now if I'm not! The crew will start delivering kayaks, sound system, generator, marquees, canteen and sausage sizzle food, rescue boats and various other equipment from 7.30. The kids will arrive on 9 coaches at about 9.45. Events are scheduled to commence at 10.00. That's the plan. Whether it works out that way remains to be seen but I'm hopeful that things will go smoothly. The venue is fantastic, the weather should be good, where else would you rather be than having fun with 500 kids at the beach for the day?

Interestingly, the last major event I ran at Meelup was a funeral, for Nathan, a young bloke killed in a fire at Dunsborough a couple of years ago. He had loved the beach and his family chose Meelup for the occasion.

Tomorrow's carnival should be a much happier event.

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