Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday/Saturday Wrap

Phat Phriday went really well, especially with the help of 5 young people to run it-The Heir, Favourite Daughter and three of her friends. We played "Spin a Mystery Meal" and were all amazed at the kid's enthusiasm and dedication to the task!
Three contestants each took turns spinning a wheel to select items to go in their meal, all of which were placed in a blender, mixed and poured for their consumption in a sculling race!
None of the items were a problem on their own, but the combinations they spun for themselves certainly made them less appetising!
From memory there was a Coke/Flake(chocolate)/tomato sauce/Tuna drink; a coconut milk/hamburger/chocolate/egg combo and a french fries/milk/tomato sauce and creamed corn concoction in one round.
Later mixes included some or all of: ravioli/tuna/egg/diet coke/jelly snakes/water/and vegemite sandwich!
No sooner had one group finished than ten more kids were eagerly volunteering to have a go. Most of them finished the whole cup full although one or two gagged at the first mouthful and couldn't go on.
As per the official rules of a sculling race as laid down by the IOC, the winner is the first one to finish the drink and place the upside down cup on their head. This of course reveals which competitors have truly finished. Plenty of kids ended up with goo in their hair at the end!
We were all happy with how it went but I did see a look of consternation on the nurse's face as she watched from the sidelines! There were no reports of Phat Phriday induced illness after lunch thankfully.

NB. The pictures above are from last week's very successful Phat Phriday Launch, Frozen Chicken Bowling which received 100% approval in our blog poll. (Thanks to the other three of you who voted:)
PS. Out of a sense of duty combined with guilt I did actually cook the bowling chook and ate some for lunch one day, with no ill-effects despite the loud protests of the entire Holt Press family!

Last night was one of the busiest shifts I've had in months. At one stage there were 22 jobs waiting. I was in a maxi taxi so had plenty of bigger groups to transport around. Apart from a couple of long drives to no-shows or cancellations I had a good night and made about $250. Even though I was rostered off at number two I didn't finish until nearly 4am, a couple of hours later than normal. Most of the customers behaved themselves which was a bonus. One lady I picked up works at The Ship and when I told her that I did the paintings that hang in the room with the pool tables she was embarrassingly effusive in her praise of them, and me! When I further confided that I was Favourite Daughter's Dad she was equally warm and full of compliments, telling me I should be very proud of her as she is wonderful. I am and she is.
Favourite Daughter is working with her in the bar tonight so there'll probably be an interesting conversation between them.

Our game this morning was at Dunsborough but I'm pleased to say it didn't start until 12.00 so I at least got a few hours sleep between taxi-driving and soccer coaching. We had a couple of kids away so I recruited an extra player to make up the starting 11. There was a bit of controversy about this but I can't say anything here in case the wrong people happen to read my blog!
(If you are a wrong person reading my blog please ignore this section and move on, there's nothing to see here.)
The kids played well and won the game 9-1 with Sport Boy scoring a hat trick.

I spent a bit of time cruising a few garage sales this afternoon and did something unusual for me, I bought some plants! Several hanging baskets and a few potted plants from a lady who is about to head off on a trip around Australia with her husband. I hung them in the patio outside the kitchen window and they do look good. There wasn't much else worth buying, just a couple of Christmas ornaments and some art paints.
I finally managed to pick up the book shelves yesterday afternoon and today did some rearranging in the study, taking two smaller shelf units out and putting the new one in. The Heir made a successful bid for one set from the study so had to then do a big re-shuffle in his room as well. He has a talent for fitting ever more pieces of furniture into a confined space, in this case the smallest room in the house.

After dropping The Hair and his mates off at an X-Box Sleepover I settled down to watch the footy but was disappointed that the Hawks got up to beat the Crows in the last couple of minutes, a. because I'd tipped the Crows and b. because they are above the Cats on the ladder so a loss would have been to our advantage.
The Heir is home from work and in just under an hour's time we're going to watch the Australia V Ireland Rugby Test, Go the Wallabies.
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