Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Footy Trippers

This is the group of 16 I'll be taking to Melbourne for the footy trip in two weeks time. We're all getting excited about it the closer it gets.
There are 8 West Coast fans, 2 Dockers, 2 Essendon, 1 Collingwood, 1 Hawthorn, 1 North Melbourne and 1 Geelong fan.
I'll give a prize to anyone who can correctly identify who barracks for whom from the picture!
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sean said...

start with top left, going left to right, finishing at bottom right.

geel wce ess wce
ess wce wce fre
coll nm wce wce
fre wce wce haw


Marcus said...

Well done Sean, you win the prize, although it does help that you're in the picture! (3 across 2 down for those who don't know Sean)

I picked up Alex and Emma in the taxi tonight.