Thursday, June 05, 2008


Much of the day was spent preparing for tonight's parent meeting for the footy trip. It went well and everyone seems happy, including me! We had the meeting at our place and managed to fit everyone in although I regretted the fact that I haven't fitted my Geelong theme song door bell yet! I did wear my Geelong jumper for the occasion though.

Soccer training this afternoon was a little frustrating with kids getting injured and not wanting to cooperate. Sport Boy wasn't well today so he didn't train.
Political Update:
Barak Obama has finally "clinched" the Democrat nomination in the presidential primaries, which I'm happy about, I like him and hope he'll be President. The strange part of the story is Hillary Clinton's refusal to concede defeat even though Obama now has the numbers to seal the nomination. She's nothing if not resilient! I guess that's a quality one develops if you're married to the world's best known "adulterer".
I've always had an interest in American politics. One of my claims to fame is having heckled President Ronald Reagan at a rally in San Diego in 1984. I'm also a great fan of The West Wing and all the intrigue and behind the scenes goings on in the White House.
For what it's worth, I don't think Obama will choose Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate, and I'm not sure it would be the dream team combination people seem to think it would be. I don't think Hillary is willing to play second fiddle.

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