Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look Out World

Busselton Scrabble Champ Strikes Again!!
I inflicted another merciless beating on the ladies at the Scrabble Group tonight. Sadly, they are so unconcerned about the score they hardly even notice whether they're winning or losing!
But I know!

There has been a bit of on-going discussion in the comments section of my "Opening Closets" post from last week. Wander back for a look and add a comment or opinion yourself if you feel like it.

Don't forget too that I'm now writing a Footy Blog. I am making good progress in preparation for the Melbourne Footy Trip, only three weeks until we go, yeah!

I think I should warn you that my "Coolness Quotient" has shot up several points today. I now have a page on Face Book! I can just feel the coolness radiating off me as I blog!
Obviously I don't have time to be a dedicated FaceBooker so I'm concentrating on one small area of interest, the Phat Phriday Group on Face Book! Favourite Daughter "invited" me to join!
Here we will discuss the intricacies and subtle nuances involved in planning and running Phat Phriday via virtual meetings, the sort of meeting you have when you don't actually want to meet with anyone! It is already working well, look how much cooler I am than I was yesterday!

Talking of Phat Phriday, I've posted a few collages of the action from last week, in reverse order just to confuse you!

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