Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The End of the Long Weekend

No Monday blues today, just time to relax and enjoy the extra day off. I pottered around doing a few jobs outside such as finishing cleaning the gutters and installing gutter guard. Then I went scrounging around some building sites looking for some scrap 4x2 to use to attach some roofing on the patio. I had to cut it down a little which meant hauling the Triton power saw out from behind the piles of stuff still cluttering the patio. Once I nailed it in place I fitted three sheets of corrugated iron to the patio roof, thus extending the weather proof area by about 8m2.
Pleased with myself I then cooked dinner on the BBQ before printing and framing several photographs to update the gallery on the study wall.
All very productive and satisfying.

Favourite Daughter and The Hair came home from their 3 days at the State Youth Games full of stories and laughter but both very wiped out from all their exertions and lack of sleep. Both went to bed early. She really likes her new bed and he is rapt with the $2 CD player!

Sport Boy has extended his sleepover at Jacob's for another night so the house is quieter and less energetic without him around running or bouncing or kicking a ball etc.

It's back to the real world tomorrow!

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