Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just finished a 10 hour shift in the taxi which started very slowly but was busy for the last 4 hours. Busy = $, busy = good.
When I got home Mrs Holt Press' car was not here. Considering it's 4.00am that's unusual.
Either she (and the car) have been abducted by aliens (unlikely)
she has taken Favourite Daughter to the hospital (more likely).
FD rang earlier to ask if I had any strong pain killers as she had the beginnings of a migraine and her eyes were bothering her.
I suspect things have worsened and maternal responsibilties have taken precedence over warmth and sleep.
(It's very cold wet and wintery in Busso tonight)

Of course, if it was aliens I expect I'll read about it in the Sunday paper.

I had my monthly testosterone jab this arvo which may explain why I'm not so tired now, although I was certainly zonked earlier. I went for an hour without a fare around 9.00 o'clock and had a lot of trouble staying awake.

Before the injection we ran the final Phat Phriday for the term, indoors in the gym due to the weather. We had a big crowd but the program wasn't as tight as it should have been due to insufficient preparation and we had to wing it a couple of times. The main game worked well though, that old youth group favourite, the "eat a melted chocolate bar out of a disposable nappy" race! Theoretically a Snickers bar tastes like a Snickers bar regardless of how it's served, but, there's something about seeing a lumpy melted brown blob in a nappy that takes away your appetite, even your appetite for chocolate.

Only 7 1/2 hours to the big soccer game, which I suspect will be played in wet conditions.
Time to getr some sleep so I'm fit and ready!

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