Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not Enough Space!

I need to have a clean-out and a garage sale! There is so much "stuff" spread all over the house, inside and out, it's everywhere! The reason I'm particularly conscious of it at the moment is that I've had fruitless searches for three different items in the last couple of days, and turned up none of them. Instead I found stuff! Endless papers, files, folders, books, magazines, CDs, photos, etc etc. It's time for a BIG clean-up!

I spotted an ad on a noticeboard in town today for a set of shelves, very reasonably priced at $40. I went round to look at them after soccer training and quickly decided to buy them. Then the fun started!
I had The Heir's car, the Blue Beast, but for the life of me could not open the back tail gate!
Was this some sort of revenge Karma for his flat tyre exploits with my car in Perth?

He wasn't far away, at work, so I drove down there to either find out the secret of the tailgate or swap the Blue Beast for my car.

"The key is in the glove box" he explained.

"Why" I wondered!!

Back to the vendor, open the back, lay down the seats and carry out the shelves.


They wouldn't fit! Just! It was a matter of millimetres, but that was enough, it wouldn't fit.

The spare wheel stand was in the way. It's in the back because the space norammly assigned to the spare wheel has been taken over by the LPG gas tank.

It was bolted in so we broke out a socket set to see if we could remove it!

We couldn't!

We tried for 20 minutes mind you, but to no avail!

It wasn't coming out, and the shelves weren't going in!

"Sorry, I'll have to get a trailer and come back tomorrow!!"

No worries!

Only an hour of my evening wasted!

Sports Update:
I watched the State of Origin tonight and enjoyed seeing Queensland square the series with a 30-0 shellacking of the cockroaches.

As I said at the start, the rest of the night was spent looking for things I couldn't find!!!
A CD Rom to install the scanner on the new computer. No good.
Favourite Daughter's Yr 10 Graduation certificate. No!
My Grand Final ticket. Nowhere to be found.
Of course, I did find a whole lot of "stuff" that I don't need or want to keep in the process.

There's a black hole somewhere near here that is sucking up all the things I'm looking for and in return spewing out "stuff"!

Time to dig out the Garage Sale signs, if I can find them!!


Zaac said...

yeh, thats DEFINITELY karma. and some would wonder why you have a jack in your car without a crank with which to operate it!

Benn said...

You should be able to download the driver for your scanner from the internet. Google it!