Friday, June 06, 2008

Chicken Conundrum

I'm feeling dumb! I made a mistake in one of the bank transfers to pay for the air tickets for the footy trip, then without realising it till it was too late, made the same mistake again!!!!
This not only sets the process back a few days, it also meant we lost the cheaper airfares I had originally booked, the price having gone up $20 in the last few days!!!!
Inattention on my part led to the mistake so I'm not happy with myself!
I'm hoping I may be able to sort it out tomorrow but I suspect it will have to run its course which means no progress till next week! Just when things were starting to come together really well!
I'll be more careful next time!!

Volleyball went well tonight, we won against the team who were on top of the ladder. My new team plays at a much higher and more intense level than anything I've experienced before and I'm still adjusting to it, but doing OK.

I'm starting Phat Phriday again at school tomorrow, the lunchtime program of crazy games and competitions. I advertised that the first week would feature an old favourite, "Frozen Chook 10 Pin Bowling". This afternoon I got a phone call from a teacher voicing her objections to this game on the grounds of wasting food. I talked it over with the deputy and they reassured me that it wasn't a big deal, that there are bigger battles to be fought, and it was OK to proceed as planned!
I don't feel bad about sacrificing one frozen chicken , value about $8, for the cause!
But, seeing as I discovered a gizmo for putting a reader's poll on my blog, I'll open the question up for you to give your opinion!
Vote on the poll today and help shape the future of Phat Phriday!

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