Monday, June 02, 2008

2 Down 1 to Go

Ah the joys of a long weekend! Knowing you don't have to go to work for another two days!
All the more sweet seeing as the Cats returned to the winner's list in style last night by thunping the Blues. I wanted to get Stu over to watch the game but he obviously forsaw they would lose and high-tailed out of town for the weekend!

Mrs HP and I had a look around the markets this morning, finding very little quality amongst the junk, just a couple of books and a couple of toy planes for my office.
A quick stop at Woolies for bagels blew out into fruit and BBQ meat and numerous other things and a bill for $62 at the check-out!
Similarly my excursion to Bunnings for a new, bigger kitchen rubbish bin ended up producing not just the bin but 4 storage crates for under FD's new bed, 3 rolls of gutter guard, 3 different sizes of batteries to re-arm the remotes and clocks and smoke detecters, two kitchen stools and a tape measure!

I knew Fremantle were in trouble when they took a 2 point lead into 3/4 time against Port Adelaide. Sure enough, their customary final quarter fade-out saw them go down by 5 goals, to set a new AFL record, losing 5 games in a row after leading at 3/4 time in each of them. Not the sort of history they were wanting to create I'm fairly sure!

Sport Boy is staying the night at Jacob's so Mrs HP and I took advantage of our "just us" status and went and got noodles for tea and a couple of movies from the video store. "Away From Her" was tedious and ordinary but "The Astronaut Farmer" was quirky and funny and quite entertaining.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in again!

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