Friday, August 24, 2007


I did a few window deliveries for Dave today, out to Dunsborough and Yallingup.
While I was fitting a couple of flyscreens to a chalet in the caravan park Alex rang to ask me a theological question. There went the next hour!
The question: Can you forgive someone if they don't repent?

My answer: Yes

Typically, Al was not satisfied and wanted some scriptural back-up. He'd done a lot of reading and thinking about it, and shared a good deal of his results with me.

I don't think I convinced him.

On the other hand it was a good reminder to me about the power of forgiveness, and the need to say sorry when I'm in the wrong (which seems to be often!)

I stopped at Dunsborough to get some Quickeze as I've been having a lot of indigestion the last few days. Also had a look at a little Art Shop with some interesting ocean themed caricatures.
I've been working on a couple of paintings this week after a bit of a break from the brushes.
A friend of Carolyn's likes one of the ones I've done and has commissioned me to do a larger version in the same style.
My first commissioning! woohoo!

Soccer training was aggravating, the kids muck around and don't listen and tease one another and get under my skin! It's hard to believe they are the same team who play such good soccer on the weekends! In a game they are great! At training they are painful!
Talking of pain, Sport Boy fell off his bike the other day and hurt his finger. After several days of complaints we took him to the doctor today. X-rays to follow. The worst news was that the doctor told him he can't play soccer this week!!!! Could there be a worse outcome?

Volleyball tonight was a bit weird. We had two game, and only two players. When I rang Stu to ask if he was coming he said "No, I've lost interest"!!!
We used fill-ins and ended up having two good games and a lot of fun.


Zaac said...

Injuries suck, hope Paulie gets better quick. Bit weird from Stu, not bothering to tell you that he didn't want to play any more... a because he doesn't want to play beach volleyball (clearly either insane or going senile) and b because that doesn't seem like the way to go about dealing with it.
Good question from Al. Related question; if you can forgive someone without them acknowledging guilt/repenting, has God then forgiven the sins of those who don't believe in him or repent? Lots of implications...

Peter said...

Hi Marcus, I'll get around to answering your email soon but I'm running late for my Nutrimedics Facial so have to fly.

2Peter said...

I'm continually reminded God's love is unconditional. Personally, I believe he forgives one and all.

For us mere humans, I think forgiveness comes from understanding where the other person is coming from, even if it can't be justified.

You can't forcefully change the other person (to repent), but hanging onto your own lack of forgiveness is not healthy.

Forgiveness and repentance aren't co-dependent.

Congrats on the commission!

If I've got the right impression of Sports Boy, I can imagine this is killing him!

Peter: good to see you've got your priorities sorted!!