Friday, August 31, 2007

So Much to do, So Little Time to do it!

With just a few days to go until we set off for the eastern states on our family and footy finals adventure time is running out to get things done; like find a house-sitter (done, thankfully) and paint the bedroom in preparation for The Heir's return from England in November, and try and get my tax return documents in order (not looking too promising this year, now that I'm driving the taxi I fear rather than a refund I'm likely to end up with a bill from the ATO) and organising transport to Perth for Carolyn and the boys so we don't end up with both cars in Perth and none in the driveway while we're away.
Tomorrow I'm on roster in the art gallery to cover for the days/weeks when we'll be away.
I've got taxi shifts tomorrow night, Saturday night and Monday morning to bring in the last few extra dollars in prep for the trip.
And the final soccer game of the season on Saturday, followed by the wind-up picnic in Bridgetown on Sunday afternoon!
When I put it all together like that it makes me doubt I'll fit it all in and get up to Perth on time on Monday night (I've got a Beach Mission exec meeting).

All going well I'll do some prep for the Cool School Race Camp on Tuesday then pick up Carolyn and the boys and take them to the airport for their flight to Brisbane.
I leave for Melbourne the following morning.
We all rendezvous in Queensland on Monday.
As you can see it's going to be busy busy busy for the next few days.
It will be good to get away so we can relax a little!


Zaac said...

I know that feeling. I'm feeling that feeling! I have til Monday to be ready to leave the country for a month, I'm preaching at church on Sunday, organising the rest of the service tomorrow and sorting all my gear for France in between that and taking James out for his birthday. Thrive under pressure!
(What colour are you painting my room? Does Sophie have her licence yet? How come you thought I wasn't going sky diving? Will put the photo's on the Posse House if I get a chance tomorrow!)

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