Friday, August 10, 2007

Blogging Breakthroughs!

It's an exciting day at Holt Press. This humble little blog has been noticed by the world's press.
A real journalist named Chris Brown, who works for that august journal and bastion of news reporting, The Leongatha Star, picked up on my recent story about my Auntie having John Coleman's autograph and rang me in order to track her down so they could write a story about her and put her picture in the paper.

There! That's impressive! Apparently I had a number of mentions when he googled me!
Remember, you read about it first on Holt Press.

Further, tomorrow I get to meet a regular reader and Holt Press commenter in the flesh, 2 Peter is in town! We're gonna meet up in person, although after nearly a couple of years of commenting on the blog, I already feel like I know him.
Pictures to follow!


Peter said...

"The Leongatha Star" no less!!!!!
Say Hi to 2Peter for me, I also feel that I know him through his wise comments at Holt Press, I am perhaps responsible for the 2 in 2Peter as well??

Anonymous said...

Do you think 2 Peter will be dissapointed when he realise all those photo's you've been posting of yourself are 10 years and 15 kilo's ago?