Friday, August 17, 2007

Bragging Rights for a Proud Parent

Sport Boy came home from school with this certificatethis afternoon and I was suitably impressed. You can click on the image to enlarge it but the wording says" awarded to Paul Holt For a Fantastic Attitude towards Everything he does."

This picture is a few years old but at a pinch is the only school photo of him I can find. He's in Year 4 now.

I did a few hours work for Dave at the Glass Factory today, assembling window frames ready for installation in a house under construction.
It was an ignominious night for "Son of Miffy the Cow"- my volleyball team, I was the only player to show up for our game at 6:30! Ross and Magda have a valid excuse, seeing as they are currently in Poland, but Stu and Scott should have been there! We pulled together a team of fill-ins and had a scratch match, which ironically, we won!! Shame the points don't count!!

One of my mates, Cam, let me know about a friend of his, Lisa, who has a blog. She has worked with Aboriginal Communities in isolated places and like Cam, is very concerned about recent events happening in indigenous Australia with the Federal Govt intervening in what is supposed to be an effort to stop child abuse which is a significant issue in some places. It seems the govt's heavy-handed approach goes beyond these issues and threatens land rights, so hard-fought for in Australia over the last 20 years. I'm not across all the issues but am open to hearing opinions from those who know more than me on the subject.
You can check out her blog and keep up to date with news and events here.


Zaac said...

Tribe doesn't vote me off? Maybe it's just coz I went to bed at 5am this morning (I can't even say last night) but I'm not quite following the connection on that one... Had basketball tournament tonight, we lost but I got MVP =] (though I'm not entirely sure why as I thought I was playing average)
I book my ticket home tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Can a proud grandmother get in on the act and say that the certificate comes as no surprise, he has always had a fantastic attitude. You as parents should take a bow mum

2Peter said...

Good on you Sport Boy, well done!

Started reading some of Lisa's blog, very interesting.

Marcus said...

Soul Survivor > Tribal Council > Tribe vote you off

It wasn't that hard really!

It will be good to have you home again. Make the most of all the time you have left, opportunities don't always recur.

Love Dad

Zaac said...

Booked it! I get home on the 26th at 2:45pm. Scoph has promised to come pick me up so please make sure she's done the hours and can get her licence and follow through on said promise. (Uncle Alans birthday party is the 27th btw, spoke to Amy and checked so I'm guessing you'll be in Perth for that anyway?)
Soul Survivor is a Christian festival and therefore has little to do with a reality TV show but knowing your fascination with the show I probably should have made the connection.
I'm certainly planning to maximise on the opportunities =]