Monday, August 06, 2007

Sport Boy in Action

Sport Boy twisted his ankle at school and also copped a knock on the knee in the first half so wasn't quite at his sharpest during the game on Saturday.
Once we scored our first goal I swapped him with Jack the goal keeper.
SB wasn't that impressed with the move but it was fair, he wasn't running as freely and Jack had spent 75% of the game in goal.
It turned out to be the most inspired substitution I've ever made because within 10 seconds of coming out of goal Jack scored at the other end!! A few minutes later he scored another goal to secure our 3-0 win!
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Zaac said...

Good work "Kack"! I think that should "seciure" his position on the team for some time, don't you Bad Grammar Man?

jayne said...

have you got new kits?!lookin good! i'm still gutted i didn't get to see your family while i was in busso, there were loads of people i didn't end up seeing, there just wasn't enough time!was great to hang out with you for a wee while and hopefully it won't be too long before i'm back again!

1st game of the season next week, the first live match being shown is Spurs v Sunderland!can't wait!!!

Marcus said...

What are you talking about Zach?

Looking forward to the soccer season starting too Jayne. Zach is hoping to go to the Everton game on Tue 14 at White Hart Lane, lucky boy.

Agreed, it was great to see you in Melbourne, hopefully one day I'll visit your home town.


Zaac said...

changing the post is cheating.
you should own up to your mistakes and then take my mocking you for them like a man ;]

Marcus said...

I think you may be confused due to tiredness Zach, everything is as it should be at Holt Press.

Remember, wear sun cream.

Love Dad

Zaac said...

in the words of the funniest canadian i've ever met:
"the devil smotes liars"
theological inaccuracies aside, the point is made =]

Marcus said...

Move on, nothing to see here!