Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grey Day

It was a wet grey cold miserable day in Busselton today.

I observed most of it from the driver's seat of the cab.

My mood was not as grey as the weather but nor was it bright and sunny.

When I go down I crash hard.

I don't recover quickly or easily.

I have picked up a little though 1 & 2 Petes, thanks.

One piece of news did lift my spirits a little, though it gave me pause to think whether that was the right response; not wanting to rejoice in other's sufferings, but Daniel Kerr is injured and almost certainly won't play again this season.
That's bad news for him but good news for Geelong!
One less obstacle to winning the flag.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,
glad to hear you are feeling a little better.
Geelong are not going to loose the GF by 6 goals or any other margin.It is my fervent hope that they win this season, and if that sounds strange from an eagles supporter, it's eacuse I love my children more than my footy team.
love mum

Marcus said...

Thanks Mum

The game Dad is referring to is not the Grand Final it's the last game of the home and away, Geelong play the Lions at the Gabba.
I'm quite sure that if Geelong make the GF Dad will be barracking for the Cats.
Not sure if like you he'd go so far as to barrack against Brisbane, but can't see them making it so shouldn't be an issue.

2Peter said...

I'm sure if the whole Geelong team had Nutrimetics facials they'd win!

Zaac said...

Yeh, you should try that facials thing, might help...
Just back from Soul Survivor for a night before Rivercamp, nursing a cold that severely inhibited the 4am curfew but was a good week none the less.