Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Grand Final III

Apart from the AFL Website comps, I also made the Grand Final in the Chaplains League, beating my mate Cam's team, The Belmont Romantics, who had been on top of the ladder all season, by a goal! He wasn't happy!

Rolf and I had lunch in one cafe today while Carolyn and Nonna had lunch in another! Then we all went down to Dunsborough with Sport Boy to have an ice cream at Simmos and visit Favourite Daughter in her new place, a townhouse she is sharing with two friends.

I wasn't feeling well on the way home, headache, sore throat etc so I lay down for an hour in order to try and recuperate sufficiently to be able to go to the Father and Son event up at the Church of Christ. Sport Boy was very sad at the thought I couldn't go but thankfully I was able to drag myself out of my sick-bed and take him. He loved it. The theme was rockets and Apollo 13 (One of my all time favourite movies). We made a rocket out of wire and alfoil wrapped around a CO2 cannister which we hope to launch along a fishing line tomorrow afternoon.
I was glad I went and Sport Boy was over the moon (pardon the pun).

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