Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Legend's Autograph

I got a big surprise while I was staying with my Auntie Ev and Uncle Ken at Leongatha. Auntie Ev revealed that she had John Coleman's autograph! She dug out her childhood autograph book and we spent ages going through it, deciphering the signatures of famous footballers, cricketers, tennis players and reading the various poems and verses of her friends and family from some 60 years ago. John Coleman played for Essendon in the 40's and 50's and is considered by many to be the greatest full-forward ever to play Australian Rules Football. If a tragic injury had not shortened his career he would have kicked even more goals, as it was he kicked a century of goals in a season several times and in a career that spanned only 98 games he averaged over 5 goals a game. The medal for the leading goal kicker in the AFL each season is named in his honour and he was one of the original 12 inductees in the Football Hall of Fame, being named a "Legend of the Game". He was also selected at full forward in the AFL Team of the Century.
I love my Auntie Ev but she went up a few points in my estimation when she produced this hidden treasure!!
For more on John Coleman click here.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,
My name is Chris from the star newspaper in leongatha. I noticed this story about the autographs and I would be interested in doing a story on it.
My email is, if you think your Aunt and Uncle would be interested.