Friday, August 10, 2007

2 Peter in the Flesh

2 Peter and I , in his parent's backyard. They've lived in Busselton most of their lives and he came home for a brief visit before heading back to Tassie tomorrow. We all got together for a coffee and home-made scones this morning.

For the uneducated or newer readers, 2 Peter is a regular reader and commenter here at Holt Press, having discovered the blog after a Google seasrch of Busselton Blogs one day when he was missing home.
Our relationship has grown over the last year or two and became fully6 established today when we met face to face for the first time.
It was great to meet him and his family which included his sister Val who works off shore on an oil rig.
Carolyn really enjoyed meeting his Mum and Dad Aileen and Brian, she's always gotten along well with older people, and I can see her dropping in for occasional visits even with 2 Peter as a chaperone.
I liked them too but have to say they scored a couple of black marks by virtue of being staunch West Coast supporters, and Slim Dusty fans!!! (There are other blogs where those tastes will be more appreciated!) They won brownie points for being fans of The Chaser though!

2 Peter (so-named because his comments sometimes follow those of my Dad, also called Peter, thus making 2 Peter 2 Peter, which for those who know also has Biblical undertones) dropped back around this afternoon to meet Favourite Daughter, Fashion Boy and Sport Boy, all of whom he's read about often through regular visits to the blog.

As a parting gift, and to cement the growing friendship, I gave him one of my paintings as he was leaving. (For your information Broady it was one that he had earlier admired! and the only comment he had to make on my appearance is that I am taller than he'd thought!)
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Zaac said...

For someone so quick to criticise spelling and grammar errors; you're slipping father. =D
Spurs game is sold out, couldn't manage to get two tickets together so we're going to try and get to a game in October instead. Feel free to send the money anyway!

Marcus said...

I know you won't have any sympathy because you're so young but the post was typed against the clock just before I left to drive the cab and wanting to get it up in time for 2 Peter's Mum to see it so he could teach her how to leave comments before he leaves for Tassie in the morning!

Sorry to disappoint you!

Shame about the Spurs game, looks like you'll need to get in early. The other option is to look for a less popular away game which might not sell out.
Let us know what you're doing about it.
I'll talk to Nan. The money will be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you and Carolyn at long last Marcus, but your following of Geelong and the Dirty Dockers really concerns us!!

We're sailing easy anyway 'cos we will beat the Cats, you wait and see!

Call infor a cuppa anytime. By the way, the photos are nice and passed inspection, I will follow your blog with interest.

Aileen & Brian

2Peter said...

My Mother now knows how to leave comments, oh dear! Be it on your head Marcus!

It was great to finally catch up with you all and looking forward to seeing you again in the future.

Keep an eye out on Kalori for some snaps etc when I get home and recover from the holiday.

Hope Sports Boy's ankle was good to go this morning and he had a good game.

Zaac said...

I have about as much sympathy as Bad Grammar Man shows me.
Spurs game is a bit gutting but never mind. My mate, Dan, says the best place by far to watch the Spurs is White Hart Lane, great atmosphere, close by (relatively) etc. So will probably angle for a home game, but would settle for an away game if we have no luck! (tickets hit the pocket hard too, 30 ruddy pounds!)
Pulled out a massive sheet of plastic for a water slide yesterday, was excellent! Reminded me of sailing camp and the oval you guys covered with black plastic. Where did you get a sheet that big?!