Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warning! Nothing But Football Ahead

Meetings meetings meetings. Nothing but meetings at the moment.

Country Week Meetings.

Student Services meetings.

Junior footy team meetings.

Attendance and behaviour meetings.

But tonight's meeting was fun. Because tonight's meeting was about a Footy Trip to Melbourne!
After the success of last year's venture I have advertised another trip for this year and tonight a small group of students and parents came along to find out more about it. And despite the low numbers, they were highly enthusiastic and very keen to go for it even if it cost a bit more.

So it looks like I'll be leading a mall group of intrepid footyheads to Melbourne in the first week of the July school holidays. One of the biggest attractions on the trip is the mouth-watering clash between Geelong and StKilda in Rd 14, in every likelihood a preview of the Grand Final. The problem will be that tickets will be very hard to obtain as the game is scheduled for Docklands with a capacity of just over 50,000. One of the kids tonight said that the AFL are considering moving the game to the MCG to cater for the massive crowd who want to see the game, which includes us! It's not out of the question that one or both of the teams will still be unbeaten by then, just to add even more drama to what should be a classic contest.
So, fingers crossed we get tickets to that game.

I forgot to include the latest Fantasy Football news in last night's sports update. The Bussell Muscle are on top of the CFFL having won 8 out of our 9 games so far this season. This is uncharted erritory for me, my teams usually struggle, but this year we're on fire, three games clear on top of the ladder. The much awaited mid-season draft is on this week, an event we all look forward to, lots of negotiating, horse trading and manouvreing as we all try to improve our lists for the second half of the season.

It will be a good lead in to the weekend: I'm off to Melbourne to see the footy, the Cats and Dogs on Friday night being the main attraction. I'll also be doing a bit of reconnaisance in preparation for the Footy Trip with the kids.

Ahh, I just love the footy season!!


Zaac said...

i saw rachael and michael bar at church on sunday.

Anonymous said...

I guess the fact that you are on top of the ladder means you are actually getting your tips in on time and may not sabotage the competition by trading off your best players at bargain basement prices????


barrandgirl said...

What? Don't get it. Obviously Fantasy Footy is a different comp to Dream Team? Please explain. Which one do you care about more? And yep, saw Zac at church on Sunday. Enjoy Melb.