Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Joys of Golf

I played in a charity golf day yesterday, organised by the Masters Rules footy club. It was my first game of golf in about 4 years so I didn't have any great expectations but that didn't stop me tying to belt the ball 200m straight down the fairway the first time I hit it! Needless to say it didn't happen, my customary slice reappearing despite the long lay-off. I managed to tone down the swing, relax and ease off, with reasonable pay-off. I hit a few good drives down the fairway and enough other good shots to be able o enjoy the experience. Being an Ambrose competition took all the pressure off, with each of us playing our ball from the best position of the foursome each time. We parred plenty of holes but couldn't crack it for a birdie. As the day went on the standard deterioated which could have had something to do with the frequent visits of the drinks van and the significant amount of alcohol drunk by the rest of the team! It was certainly a colourful day!
I enjoyed it enough to think I wouldn't mind playing a game every now and then, which is of course the great and dangerous temptation suffered by all mug golfers, being lured back by the pleasant memory of the odd good shot despite the reality of the rest of the duffs, slices, hooks, shanks, triple putts and visits to the beach!

Sport Boy played soccer this morning but the Cornerstone 12s were on the receiving end of a 6-3 loss, despite the other team only having 9 players!!! We were 2-0 down within the first three minutes! Things improved a little after the horror start but the Redbacks took each and every one of their opportunities to score while we let in soft goals and wasted chances!

I've been watching the Cats beat the Swans at Kardinia Park this afternoon to record their 49th win from their last 52 games, a record unequalled in the history of Australian Football.

Now I'm off to drive the taxi on the early shift.

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