Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ball Photos

Spike and his girlfriend on their way to the school ball on Saturday night.
Three Amigos, Spike with Sol (L) and Zac (R). In case you're wondering/worried, no they didn't wear the hats to the ball.

No idea what was going on here.
Everyone had a good time at the big event although there was one moment of drama. Spike copped a whack on the nose in the mosh pit and had to rush to the bathroom to clean up the blood. The joke is that there were only him and his two mates on the dance floor at the time!!!!
Sport Update
The Cats had another big win on Saturday, by 70 points over North Melbourne. Imagine what they'll be like when Ablett Ottens and Chapman are back in the team, not to mention Egan and Hunt!
Spurs beat Manchester City 2-1 on Sat. night t keep their feint hopes of qualifying for Europe alive. All they hve to do is beat Liverpool on the last day of the season now!!!!
Cornerstone U12's beat Capel 10-0 on sat. morning, Sport Boy scored one of the goals and had a good game. He's also been to play a game in Bunbury tonight with the Academy team. They lost but he played quite well I thought although he tired badly by the end. He didn't even take his socks and shin pads off before he climbed into bed when we got home!!
I managed about two and a bit quarters of footy against Dunsborough yesterday before they took pity on me and dragged me! I had two kicks for the game, neither of which hit a target!

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