Thursday, May 28, 2009

He's from Barcelona

Sport Boy went to bed early tonight, wearing his Barcelona shirt, with emphatic instructions to wake him up in time to watch the soccer tomorrow morning. It's the European Champions League Final and his team Barcelona are playing the reigning champions Manchester United.
We're both looking forward to the big game.

There was encouraging news on the Melbourne Footy Trip front today with a number of new kids saying they are very keen to go. Interestingly several of them are girls. They were worried about catching swine flu but I reassured them the chances of that happening were very small. At this point there could be 10-11 kids on the trip, in the July school holidays, but I now have to convince one of the female staff to come with us.

Spike is staying the night at Zac W's tonight, theoretically to work on a presentation he has to give at school. We'll see how it went by the results I guess.

Favourite Daughter spoke to her Mum a couple of days ago and is really enjoying her time at Halls Creek and especially all the little kids who are everywhere all the time. She's going to Broome with her friend Casey this weekend.

I have a headache that's been hanging around for a couple of hours so I'm going to bed now and hoping I can sleep it off before the soccer.

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