Monday, May 04, 2009


I had one of the busiest nights ever in the cab last night, mostly due to the Half Ironman Triathlon having been held in town on Saturday, there were lots of tired but triumphant triathletes out on the town, all of which was very good for the wallet.
I've got a weekend in Melbourne coming up in three weeks so having some extra money to spend will be very useful.
I started in the cab at 4pm and finished just before 4am so I slept as late as I could this morning before getting up to watch the footy. Geelong chalked up their 6th win of the season, against Melbourne, who put up stronger resistance than I expected.

Sport Boy had tennis at lunchtime followed by a birthday party this afternoon. He came home without his shirt on because "we had a big water bomb fight Dad!" and grinning from ear to ear.
Spike was feeling the ill effects of staying up all night with his mates then having to work early this morning. I sent him to bed when I got up; he stirred later when The Girlfriend arrived.
Favourite daughter cooked spaghetti marinara and seafood pizza for dinner, yummy.
Toni is here for a sleepover, making the most of the last few days FD is around before flying up to Kununurra and heading for Halls Creek.

I helped VTES with her homework this afternoon, helping to correct some of the German to English idioms she struggles with.
And The Heir arrived back in town this evening for a brief visit.
That accounts for the whole family except for Mrs Holt Press who is still in SA, currently up at the farm at Wudinna with Vicki and Rex, helping Vicki with some big jobs that have needed doing.

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