Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Thin Blue Line

I cooked chile con carne for tea tonight, one of my favourite meals. It must have been good cause Sport Boy asked for seconds after he'd had dessert!
I had to cook because both Favourite Daughter and The Heir have gone back to Perth.
Only a couple more days before Mrs Holt Press comes home.

I've just finished watching a remarkable documentary called The Thin Blue Line about the wrongful imprisonment of a man for murdering a police officer in Dallas in 1976.
Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence he is still in prison (or was when the film was made). I find these sort of sories fascinating but harrowing, the injustice really bothers me, possibly because along with it comes a feeling of powerlessness.

Good news! I just googled Randell Adams, the subject of the film, and he was finally released after 13 years in prison when the real killer confessed to the murder.
Adams was originally sentenced to death and came within three days of being executed before a judge ordered a stay of execution.
You can check out the story in more detail here.

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