Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Catching up on some bits and pieces

The painting I bought for Mrs Holt Press at an auction to raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Other pieces went quite cheaply to a single bidder; this one on the other hand attracted two determined bidders and the price kept going up and up, well beyond what I had set as my "limit"! I almost withdrew but made one more bid and it was mine. The money was going to a very good cause so I didn't mind paying a bit more than planned. I didn't know at the time but it was actually painted by the wife of a former deputy at school. I ran into them the other day and told them I'd bought the painting. It's nice to know the artist as well as appreciate their work.
I've been focussing my badge collecting on sports badges of late and have managed to find lots of good ones, mostly on ebay. This is the Holt Press collection of Sports Badges, featuring AFL, soccer, Olympics, baseball, gridiron, sailing, horse racing, tennis, golf, rugby etc.
I have a set of baseball badges arriving in the next week or so which will kick off the second display board. If you see any sports badges in your travels don't hesitate to snap them up on my behalf!

While we were out at Goanna Gallery with Sally and Warren a couple of weeks ago I was persuaded to buy this wire card frame for Mrs HP. I didn't need too much persuading seeing as Sally had just paid me for the painting she commissioned for BBQ Sauce Boy's bedroom redecoration.

In a somewhat different style but still constructed of wire is this cute lttle motorbike I bought at a garage sale on the weekend for $4.
I love people's ability to take a medium like wire and create pieces of art using just a pair of pliers.

I cooked a BBQ for tea tonight then with most of the family all home for a change we had a family game of Pictionary. It was a little more challenging for VTES who didn't understand all the english words and phrases that she had to draw or interpret. Needless to say much fun and laughter was had by all.
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