Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trip Photos

Beware, there's a very nasty looking photo posted below! If you don't want to see a dislocated patella, look away now!

The owner of the patella was a kid from Albany at Country Week.

It looks bad but once they put it back where it belonged he was ok.

I offered to take a picture and email itto him, after all, it's not every day your knee bone ends up looking like this!

Remember, you've been warned!

This is not for the feint hearted!

Seriously! It's not pleasant!

Cool but not pleasant!

Brings back vivid memories of Daryn Cresswell trying to slap his dislocated kneecap back into place during a game for the Sydney Swans a few years ago.

Well, here it is!


Most of the Country Week team on the balconies at Mountway! There were some mischievous youngsters in the crowd as closer examination will "reveal" !!

Rachel with a portrait of herself painted by a friend in Afghanistan.

Me at Parramatta Stadium for my first ever game of Rugby League, between the Parramatta Eels (I kid you not, that is their nickname!) and the Newcastle Knights. It was a wet cold night so I appreciated Mike braving the elements to introduce me to the dubious pleasures of Rugby League.

One of the days when I was wandering around Sydney I happened upon this interesting brain-like sculpture at the Sydney University of Technology in Ultimo but unfortunately I couldn't get any closer than this to it. There was an exhibition advertised but the doors were locked.

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Zaac said...

ahhhhh man! i know that feeling! nothing has ever hurt even remotely like my knee dislocating! and nobody even got a photo of mine...