Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogging from Altona

Just called in to the thriving industrial suburb of Altona to find a computer and found I had to join the Altona Meadows Library in order to blog! The flight to melbourne and transfer to Trevor and Anne's place at Greensborough went smoothly although I rejected the first hire car they gave me because of the strong cigarette smell! I'm in a little blue Yaris so everything is familiar.

This morning I rendezvouzed with Irish Jayne, see blog roll on sidebar, and we hung out for an hour. I took her to see the best house in Melbourne, at 375 Clarke St Northcote, the house that belonged to my Nan and Pa for about 50 years and the holder of a veritable treasure trove of memories from my childhood. She seemed to enjoy hearing my stories and getting a glimpse of my childhood. The house has changed significantly, an extra storey has been added and to my horror the sleepout has been pulled down! The backyard has become pretty derelict and is guarded by a large but relatively docile dog. Further amazement that the house next door, a semi-detached or semi-attached to be more exact, has also been pulled down and removed.

I dropped Jayne back at her hotel in Collins St and am now meandering south to Geelong, my "spiritual home".

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