Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Really am Home Now

First game of the Footy Feast, Cats v Bombers, Fri July 6 @ Docklands. Geelong won by 50 points.
A team of internet broadcasters! This group record and transmit all Essendon games to South Africa over the net! They interviewed me after the game so I promised to put them on my blog! Modern media in the hands of the people.
Happy with the result, and also my trawling collection, the umbrella came in very handy in the lousy Melbourne weather!
The Jetstar plane I caught to Sydney from Avalon. I love discount airlines!
Rachel and Michael, rugged up and weather-proof at the Dockers v Swans game at the SCG, Sun July 8. Sydney won.

I'm back in Busselton after a 3 1/2 week absence. Sophie managed to deliver me safely home, adding about 8 hours driving pratice to her log book in the process. Fashion Boy gave me a big hug. Sport Boy woke up and was bright as a button. He loved the new Geelong jumper I bought him, and wore it to bed. I didn't attempt to unpack, just distributing a couple of gifts before going to bed. My own bed! Carolyn said to me this morning, "It's good to have you back but I'd forgotten about your snoring!" I've had a fairly quiet day so far although Sport Boy's soccer training starts in half an hour and I've got volleyball tonight. I've uploaded 895 photos taken over the last month! Unpacked my bags and started sorting through the backlog of mail that needs attending to. So far so good. Only 11 1/2 weeks of my long service leave to go!!

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