Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Day Another Footy Game

I joined Gary and his family today to go to the Richmond/Hawthorn game at the MCG. It was Nathan's choice of activity for his 10th birthday which is on Tuesday. He and Gary are Tigers fans so they were disappointed with the result but we had a good day none-the-less. Nathan makes me think of Sport Boy who I haven't seen for a couple of weeks, I reckon they'd get along pretty well. We'll be able to test that theory when we all come back over in September.

As a further birthday treat Nathan got to choose what we had for dinner, and to his great credit he chose ribs! Mmmm Ribs!!

Gary and I then watched a movie in his "Home Cinema" which right at the moment is also my bedroom.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Gippsland.


2Peter said...

G'day Marcus, Sounds like you're having a good trip!

I'll be in Busso from 8-10 August, will you be around?

Marcus said...

Yes I will, looking forward to meeting you outside of cyberspace!