Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Night, One More Sleep

It's Thursday night and as predicted blogging opportunities have been very limited. There's one more day of Country Week to go with all the finals being played tomorrow morning. The boys and girls basketball teams have made it to the Grand Finals in their respective divisions and the boys volleyball team have made it to the Grand FInal in A Grade so we're all hoping for a few victories tomorrow. I'll only get to see the first half of the volleyball before I have to leave for the airport as I fly out to Melbourne at 1.00 tomorrow arvo.
It's been a great week but not an easy one. We've sent two kids home for bad behaviour, something we've never had to do before. It wasn't easy but in both cases we feel like we made the right decision. It will send a very clear and strong message to the other kids and especially to next year's team that we mean business and take the whole exercise seriously. I also had to facilitate an apolgy to a girl from another school from three of our boys for inappropriate comments they made toward her during a game the other day. Again it wasn't a fun exercise for anyone but in the end a very important thing to do to reinforce our expectations and requirements regarding student behaviour.

The dinner dance went extremely well last night, the venue was a 5 minute walk from the apartments, the food was sensational and the kid's and coach's speeches were as always the highlight. It's John's 28th and last Country Week so we made sure we recognised and honoured him for his amazing achievement and his wonderful character. The kids gave him a standing ovation which was very special. I've painted a picture for him to give him tomorrow, I hope he likes it.

I had another couple of hospital and illness runs today though thankfully most of the injuries are not too serious.

The kids have been out late night shopping tonight, one of their highlights of the week!
I dropped in to visit Demelza and Greg and meet their brand new baby Meg, who is typically lovely, and slept peacefully in my lap for an hour.

By this time tomorrow night I hope I'll be celebrating a Cats victory over Essendon at Docklands in Melbourne. I can't wait to get there and get amongst the serious footy atmosphere.

On the long service leave front there have been a few developments. I've booked tickets to Brisbane for the family for September to spend a couple of weeks with Dad in Gympie and down at the Gold Coast introducing the kids to the joys of roller coasters. Then we'll head to Melbourne for more of the footy finals before coming home in about the second week of October.
After umming and aahing for so long and not being able to settle on a suitable plan for my time off it feels a great relief to have made some decisions and booked some tickets. I'm sure the boys are going to enjoy the prospect of missing a few weeks of school, visiting Grandpa in Queensland and Granny and Grandpa in Geelong. And no doubt Sport Boy will be keen to come to a footy final at the MCG!

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