Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quick snapshot

Tuesday night in Perth and the first chance I've had to blog since I left Busso. It's been very busy. I think the sport is going well, though I'm not sure as I've only seen about 2 games of anything so far. My days are spent running around town in the hire care picking things up, delivering people, collecting and distributing lunches, meeting with venue managers and trying to keep one step ahead of the game!


I'm sitting in a web cafe in town and a kid from Carine just walked in. His Mum was killed in a tragic accident a few years ago and I did the funeral. It was great to see him and catch up on his news especially as last time I heard, he wasn't doing well at all. Things have improved greatly, I'm really pleased to hear it.

No more time, gotta go and get the car so I can drive one of the injured kids home from the movies.
Another early start and long day tomorrow.

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