Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mirboo North

I've successfully found my way to Shannon and Neil's place perched on top of a hill in the beautiful Gippsland country side. The green rolling hills, patches of forest, wandering livestock, narrow windy roads and stunning views make this a very pituresque place to be. If only it wasn't so cold it would be almost perfect!

Roadkill is not uncommon in Australia but I saw something unusual on the way here, a dead wombat. They are a rarity in WA but more common on this side of the country. Sadly this one was too slow and paid the price.

Shannon was home with the 2 youngest kids, Isaac and Samuel, but has now gone to pick up the other three, Alexandra, Eli and Abbey from school and Neil from Leongatha so I'm looking after myself until they return.
Naturally I turned to the blog to fill in some time.

I heard from Carolyn that my parcel has arrived at home and they have divided the spoils up between them, with Sophie laying claim to the Geelong Hoodie and Fashion Boy "wrapped" in his new Route 66 belt buckle.
I was browsing in the shops at Leongatha this morning and found some items I thought might interest Dad so I've sent off another parcel to Holties House. (I'll pick up The Duke for you when I get back to Geelong next week Pop.)

I'll return to Auntie Ev and Uncle Ken's for the night then go and visit Kerrie and Warren tomorrow before heading back to Melbourne for the footy, Geelong v the Western Bulldogs at Docklands. Hopefully they'll make it 3 from 3 for my trip. In a lovely bit of timing Geelong travel to Perth next week to play the Dockers so I'll get to see them 4 weeks in a row, something that hasn't happened since my childhood, if ever!


Zaac said...

if "mirboo north' is the place where nan used to live then i think we used to call it "mooboo north"
4 cats games, 4 wins perhaps! they sound like they're having their best season in A LONG TIME. who's coach there now?

jordan said...

Dear Dad

Your life's existence is an oxymoron, in that you love the Geelong football club more than you love yourself, and you hate actual felines, therefore you have no right to call me "fashion boy" when i happily live with the measley two peices of clothing i own that aren't quadruple one hundred times second hand, or bought at a garage sale, and by the way, YOU sir, are the one who asked ME about the belt buckle, and the lack of full stops in this comment is deliberate, such as one who speaks their peice in one breath

your irate child,

jordan again said...

theres sposed to be an 's' infrom of incerely, but when i was changing it from a capital, i accidentaly deleted it and left it

Marcus said...

What's up your nose Jordy?
Being called Fashion Boy?
I thought you'd like that.
I wasn't having a go at you, just reporting that you were happy with the belt buckle!
Seems an over the top comment in the circumstances.
Then again, you may just be mucking around. Fair enough.

I hope you're well, enjoying your holidays and getting some work.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi marcus,
you were actually blogging from Dumbalk, Mirboo Nth was where they used to live, but never mind it's all beautiful country, and the roads are winding wherever you are. It sounds like you are having a great time, you deserve it so keep on enjoying yourself. Hope jordy has simmered down by now.
love you mum

Carolyn said...

Think Jord was just having a maniacal , 15 yr boy rant. He doesn't app[ear to be unhappy at all. Perhaps he's been watching too many of those Japanese cartoons on the computer. Our Broadband speed will be = to dialup by the time you get home!