Thursday, November 23, 2006


At lunchtime today Busselton high school hosted the first ever moto-X demo in an Australian school, possibly the world!
And it was INCREDIBLE!!
and all the other superlatives you can think of!
Three guys on stunt bikes were jumping across a 75 foot gap and flying about 50 feet in the air, then letting go of their bikes!!!!
They did all sorts of crazy tricks and stunts, each one more death defying than the one before!
It didn't look possible yet they made it look easy!
The kids loved it.
The staff loved it, especially the blokes.
It was awesome!

When I've got more time I'll You Tube a couple of the best videos.

The Yr 12 breakfast went well this morning, an early start for me but a good event.

Graduation was on tonight and it too was a great event, in a different sort of way to the moto-X. I sat with Brendan's mum and grandfather. I cried (a lot) when she went up to receive Brendan's folder. He would have graduated with this group of students if he was still alive. I don't know how his Mum copes with her grief and sense of loss at times like this.

After Graduation I went back to my office to work on the camp, the good news is I made some real progress today, getting the 2nd book copied and ready for binding.
Just the staff handbooks to go now, then it's on to the clues which all need to be printed and put into envelopes in sets.
There are officially 209 kids coming, in 26 groups, so that's 26 sets of clues to be assembled!
Plus the 30 other jobs that still need to be done between now and when I leave for Perth next Tuesday night.
Just gotta keep at it until it's all done!

Butnow, it's time to go to bed! Posted by Picasa

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Matt said...

motocross is pretty crazy.
wait a second, graduation in november? do you guys have summer in our winter, what's going on there?