Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday Night - Saturday Morning

I've just finished my Friday night taxi shift and I'm glad. Toward the end of the night I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I had three fares to Dunsborough tonight, 50km round trips and did just under 400km for the night. Add to that the 100km round trip to Bunbury this afternoon for the camp briefing at Newton Moore and it's been a long day behind the wheel.

The briefing went well, the NM kids are right into it and seemed very mature and on the ball which augurs well for the camp. My mate Dave, a self-confessed Holt Press addict, is coming on the camp this year which will be great. He had a nasty accident last weekend, hitting his head on a water slide and spending a night in hospital, mega vomiting, concussion etc. 5 days later he's only just recovering! Scary.

The boss asked me tonight if I wanted to drive for an all day winery tour tomorrow but I declined. The money would have been handy but with a late finish and a 9.30 start I'd have been dead by the end of it, maybe literally! It's school leavers week this week, a big week in Busselton/Dunsborough so I'm doing shifts on Monday and Tuesday night already so I figured I'd be better off getting a proper sleep-in, doing some work on the camp, and having some family time tomorrow.

On that note, I'll bid you goodnight.

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The Heir said...

go easy with the taxi, young drunk people with cars are just a little bit dangerous. i love this story: a couple of years ago a kid with a full car at leavers gunned it round a corner, fish tailed and whipped the car off the road and raced up the gap between the bust and a row of twelve cars, passing the last car he whipped it back onto the road, fish tailed again and kept going. the twelve undercover police cars pulled out after him.
love ya dad!!