Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Sold These Two Paintings Today

Keith, a friend from church, has been admiring them for a while and today put his money where his mouth is and came round to get them. I confess I was asleep at the time, recovering from last night's taxi shift, but it's still a buzz to sell some of my paintings.

Musn't forget to drop off Broadie's prescription at the AMCAL Chemist in Busso, wonder why he needs Viagra at his age? He'll be down in a couple of weeks for the Servants Camp at SU. Can't believe someone actually managed to get Diesel to do some work, how they dragged him away from the Book Club and the Floral arranging is a complete mystery to me!

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Matt said...

to draw like that is an immense talent. i am jealous of your skill.

The Heir said...

they say the things we admire in others are latent within ourselves.

i like 'em too dad.

Marcus said...

I tried to leave a comment for you saying we'd be home if you wanted to call last night.
I'm driving the cab the next two nights but Mum will be home if you don't call too late.

Jacqui said...

congratulations, hope the international one comes off too, still no snow here, but it's getting colder.

Gazza said...

sooooo somebody actually paid good money for those paintings.... why??

Only kidding, they are quite good.