Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Different Style

Also inspired by something I saw at Margaret River. Posted by Picasa


Jacqui said...

even more impressed.

Jacqui said...

Hi marcus,
I bought series 5,6 and 7 of West Wing, don't know how to operate Ron's DVD player or I'd have been watching them all day,
Love to all mum

Peter said...

The horse and rider are excellent, landscape needs work.
Same could be said about the one below (but not by me!!)

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~ I like it. Have you ever tried to draw a tree ? Take care, Merle.

jayne said...

i would buy this one!

jayne said...

actually,in all seriousness how much would it cost to buy this painting and have it posted to me?!do you think it would survive the trip?is it a big painting? i do love this one!

Marcus said...

Hi Jayne
Thanks for the compliment! An international sale, just what I need to put on my resume!
It's not very big, about 40cm x 25cm I think, on a flat canvas board.
I can pack it up and send it to you, I think it will travel ok.
My standard price for a "small" painting is $100.
You could "pay" for it in a different way if you like, I'm trying to get Zac to a Spurs game before he leaves England in January, maybe you could facilitate that happening?
Let me know what you prefer.

PS Dave recorded Spurs v Blackburn for me last night and I'm avoiding the result so don't tell me ok.

Take care Jayne