Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ready or Not Here I Come!!

Ready or Not I'm leaving for home, to pack my own gear, then on to Perth, via Bunbury to drop Sophie and Beau off (they're joining the Newton Moore kids in the morning).
It's been a long slow day with lots of hold-ups. 7 kids dropped out over the last 2 days, creating headaches that weren't resolved until late this afternoon.
Butt, the car is loaded, I've done all I can do, the camp will just have to survive on what it's got now.
ETA in Perth: midnight.
There's stormy weather happening here, hope it's drier on the road as I head north.

For the next few days I won't be blogging on Holt Press but you can get some idea what I'm up to by clicking on the link for the cool school race camp blog.

Au Revoir

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