Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Sport Boy

9 Years old and full of the joy of life, even at 5.55am when he came bounding into our room! Thankfully he retreated and managed to delay a second appearance until after 7 but it was still a struggle. He brought his presents in and opened them on the bed, and to say he was delighted with them is the understatement of the year, he was over the moon. I mentioned a couple of months ago finding the perfect present for him on one of my trips to Perth, and here it is, a set of three replica soccer uniforms, the Aussie Socceroos, Brazil and England. He loves them. Everything else met with his approval too. His big sister took him out for afternoon tea and bought him a couple of lovely presents, ah the joys of having an income, being able to splash out on your little brother's birthday.
He had a good day at school, and this afternoon got to play his new PS2 game, Star Wars Lego which is fantastic apparently!!
To top it off he got pizza and chocolate mousse for dinner (as did the rest of us!)

I had to leave early to drive the cab, just as The Heir rang from England to wish him a happy birthday. He (TH) talked to everyone else as well. I suspect he's feeling a little homesick. I could be wrong but ...

It was another quiet night in the taxi so I was home by 10. I worked on a painting as Carolyn and I talked about recent goings-on. All the kids have had significant things going on recently so there was plenty to talk about.

Tomorrow is a big day, a year 12 breakfast at Stilts Cafe at 7.30, work on the camp all day, it's deadline day to get stuff to the printers, then the year 12 presentation ceremony tomorrow night.

There's a week to go until the camp and I'm starting to get nervous, the work is not diminishing! Posted by Picasa

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2Peter said...

Happy Birthday Sport Boy.

Star Wars Lego = VERY Cool!