Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Special Hug

My little girl is growing into a lovely young lady. Posted by Picasa


Jacqui said...

I have left a comment on Sophie's baptisim, so make sure you go down and read it,
love to everyone, mum/nan

Jacqui said...

Hi again,
I had dinner with Joshua and his wife and baby on 2nd Nov, and I told him about your blog and while we were in his office he logged on and left you a comment, did you get it?.
love mum

jayne said...

hey,that's a beautiful picture.it actually made me emotional!

i had to go and watch my baptism dvd again!i got baptised in Busso, didn't have my family there which was sad but the love that the church showed me and the amount of people who came to watch a random irish girl being baptised really touched me.i really miss down south gospel!