Friday, August 28, 2009

Three Men Home Alone

Mrs Holt Press has gone to Northam for the weekend, the last in an 18 month training course she has been doing. She wasn't feeling well, a bad headache threatening to keep her home but by lunchtime she had improved enough to go. Hopefully she will feel better again by tomorrow and be able to take full advantage of the weekend. I will have to look into buying some food and cooking a couple of meals for the boys while she is away.

Sport Boy competed in the school athletics carnival today, getting two seconds and a third in different events, helped psychologically at least, if not physically, by the new "skins" he bought yesterday afternoon. Skins are the leg warming apparel modern sportsmen wear beneath their shorts to avoid muscle injuries. As you can tell, Sport Boy takes his sport seriously!

He came with me to volleyball tonight, spending more time playing with Spike and a bunch of other kids than watching me or my team win our game it must be said, but he did say to me this evening "I'm really glad you're the sort of Dad who still plays sport and does stuff and doesn't just sit at home getting fat and watching TV". Thanks son!

For the last few weeks I've been taking groups of students out on a Wednesday afternoon to attend the Behind the White Crosses program, the road safety initiative I created. It has been going quite well with positive responses from the kids, and also gaining some media attention. My picture is on the front cover of the local paper this week, the Busselton Dunsborough Mail and I have been on radio and tv in the last week.
The whole aim of BTWC is to keep kids safe on the roads and save lives.

Spurs have continued on their winning ways, beating Doncaster Rovers 5-1 in the 2nd round of the Carling Cup last night.

And after some deliberation and discussion, I'm happy to inform you that my fantasy footy team, The Bussell Muscle, have made it through to a unique Grand Final after last week's draw in the prelim: for the first time in CFFL history three teams will play off in the Grand Final!
Such are the restrictions and vagaries of fantasy football that there was little choice but to have a three way play off. Sadly Buddy Franklin has so far not been freed to play by the AFL tribunal which will leave a large hole in the Muscle forward line!
And in other fantasy footy news, Big Brother the Accountant has reached the Grand Final of our DreamTeam league on the AFL website and faces off against Barry's Knuckles, coached by Rachel's husband Michael. Meanwhile I have made the minor grand final (for the bottom 8 teams!!) and play Collo, who just happens to coach the Tryhards, one of the teams in the CFFL GF! Ah the many and splendid joys of football!

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