Monday, August 03, 2009

The Study gets a Makeover

I collect "Avant Card" postcards, free advertsing art cards found in a few trendy cinemas and cafes in places like Leederville and Freo. I've got hundreds of them, many of which decorate my office and the men's dunny at school. Lately I've been playing around with collages on the computer, mostly of my own artwork and that prompted me to create a few out of postcards. I really like collages of pictures, almost regardless of the subject matter, I just love the multi-image effect. This is one of several I did today.

Mrs Holt Press worked again this morning, while Sport Boy and I went to "Church at the Pub". Once a month Down South Gospel meets at The Esplanade Hotel on a Sunday morning, not at 10.00 however, as I thought, but 9.30! I'm not doing too well on punctuality at the moment!

We missed the worship time but were there for Noel's message which I thought was really good.

Sport Boy had a friend, Joel, come over for the afternoon. They spent an hour kicking the footy at the park then another two hours at the rec c entre playing badminton and swimming.

I stopped at a garage sale on the way home and found a couple of bargains, a dvd player for $5, a space rocket toy complete with astronauts to hang in my office, and 3 dvds.

This prompted me to do some remodelling in the study and set up the dvd player with a little tv I had previously bought for $5. I'm watching the cricket on it now, albeit with a very fuzzy picture, but I watched a movie this arvo while I cleaned up, tidied, rearranged and disposed of all sorts of stuff. I repositioned the printer and the scanner and even managed to reconnect the old computer to the internet. I'm pleased to say the study is looking a lot better for my efforts, just as well as I've spent all afternoon and all night in here working on it!

There was a bonus too: I discovered a package that hadn't been opened which contained a NY Giants badge I bought on ebay a couple of months ago. I had even emailed the seller asking why it hadn't arrived! Turns out it had, without my knowledge, and had gotten lost in the pile of stuff beside my desk! I'm happy with that.

I'm also happy because I beat Cam in fantasy footy this weekend despite Lance Franklin kicking 2:7! That cements my place in the final four.

Favourite Daughter rang tonight, she went to a "Bad taste" engagement party and a kid's dinosaur birthday party over the weekend. I had no idea Halls Creek was such a happening party town!

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