Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sport Boy Faces Facts

Pity poor Sport Boy. Not only has he been sick for the past two days and showing little sign of recovering, but tonight he also had to endure the embarrassment of attending a parent night on "Puberty". He was trying to worm his way out of going and then sat squirming in his seat as the lights went down and the DVD came on. Being confronted with pubic hair, penises, vaginas, ovaries, periods and making babies was all a bit overwhelming for a kid who still makes gagging noises at the mere sight of people kissing on TV. Despite his misgivings he came through it relatively unscathed and it has opened up some opportunities for discussion over the next few months/years. The DVD was good but skipped over a fair bit and as the teacher said at the end, the school sees it as the parent's job to teach their kids the facts of life which is fair enough.
I daresay there will be a few giggly playground discussions with the other boys once he gets back to school, whenever that may be.

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The HoJo's said...

I have this joy tomorrow *rolls eyes* can't wait!