Friday, August 07, 2009


I met a bloke today who was chaplain at Busselton about 15 years ago, round about the same time I started at Carine. He's now head of Chaplaincy for Access Ministries, the Victorian organisation that runs school chaplaincy, the equivalent of YouthCare in WA. He was interested in hearing the latest news from Busso and whether anything had changed since his time there. From the comparisons we made it seems like some things haven't changed much at all but he thought the way I described how I do my job at the school sounded like what he would have liked to do back then but wasn't able to. It was revealing for me to hear his impressions and feedback about the sort of work I do and its influence in the school, almost like seeing it through a different pair of eyes and appreciating it more as a result. I was left feeling a lot more encouraged than I expected to.

The Heir and I had dinner with Scott Darlow tonight at a pizza and pasta place. It is always cool to see Scott and catch up on his news, and to talk footy, especially Geelong footy. He is friends with Gary Ablett Snr and it was good to hear about how Gary is going and other bits and pieces about the Cats.
The Heir and I are going to the game tonight, Geelong v Carlton at the MCG, courtesy of some unbelievably cheap airfares on Jetstar: Perth-Melbourne, $138 return!!!
We'll go to 3-4 other games over the weekend as well. I'd love to be going to the big 150th Anniversary Dinner for Geelong FC on Saturday night but at $495 ticket .....

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