Saturday, August 01, 2009

Be Alarmed

Note to self:
When setting the alarm for an early meeting, make sure you check the AM/PM setting!

I didn't and consequently, I didn't make it to this morning's meeting! The one I should have been chairing! Apart from some embarrassment there was no harm done, the troops carried on without me and did a thorough debrief of Country Week as I slept.

A second meeting later this morning was to discuss the shortfall in the CW budget. I won't publish the figure here but suffice to say it was a significant amount. Thankfully, after going through the figures I was able to convince the powers that be that the discrepancy was legitimate and caused solely by the low numbers that attended this year. We came up with some strategies to avoid a recurrence in the future and I was free to go! A relieved man!

I made some significant progress today toward a proper launch of the Behind the White Crosses Project and managed to work out a timetable for the year 11 students to participate over the next 6 weeks. This has been weighing on my mind for several weeks so I'm really glad to have finally settled on some dates and got things moving. I'll need to do some tinkering and revising next week to get it fully up to speed before the first session in week 4 of the term. All of the staff I spoke to today were very supportive and didn't hesitate to make their classes available, not surprising considering the content, but gratifying none-the-less.

I had a Nana nap in my recliner chair before staring in the cab tonight and it took me some time to shake off the cobwebs and get myself moving when Mrs Holt Press woke me up. Between the yawns and stretches and staggers and fuzzy head I was pretty unconvincing as I headed out the door, but I came good and had a reasonable night. Certainly a better night than the Australian cricket team, whose demise I listened to in the cab. If this keeps up I think the Poms will take back the Ashes.

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