Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is the Pontiff Practising?

Was it a struggle to get up and get to work this morning?
Is the Pope catholic?

At least I made it which is more than can be said for either Spike or Sport Boy. They were both unwell, though hungry, as I learnt when a distress call came through at lunch time that there was nothing to eat in the house.
A quick mercy dash to Priceys for hash browns, four n twenty pies and a loaf of bread staved off death.
It's true there isn't much food in the house, the fridge is playing up, the thermostat seems to be buggered, and apart from emitting an annoying beeping several times a day it is also not keeping things cold, which is after all the primary, indeed only function required of a fridge.
It's not an old fridge either, maybe 6 years old, 7 tops, and a reputable brand, Fisher and Paykel.

I rang a number Mrs Holt Press gave me today for a fridge mechanic to come and look at/fix it, but it was a wrong number and the bloke on the end didn't seem to have too many clues about fixing fridges. Back to square one. Finding a fridge mechanic in Busselton may not be that easy.

I received a surprise gift in the mail today, delivered at work; a book on the history of Australian Rules Football, in the shape of a football! Very cool. Sent as a belated, and unexpected birthday present from Birchy aka The Full Quiver. Thanks mate, much appreciated and of course, eminently suitable.
Nice to know he was thinking of me; I remember a few years ago he rang to ask me if I wanted him to buy a Geelong jumper he'd found on sale at KMart for $15?
Is the Pope catholic?

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The HoJo's said...

http://www.yellowpages.com.au/bi/busselton-refrigeration--airconditioning-busselton-wa-2651610.html we have used these guys in the past