Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was not feeling 100% today so came home from work a little early and slept for a couple of hours this evening before getting up to watch the football.
The game, hawthorn v Adelaide, was fairly ordinary, but Dennis Cometti was on fire in the commentary box. Sadly my mildly concussed brain can't remember all his best lines but a couple of examples were:

After Simon Taylor had twice failed to beat a tackler and been caught holding the ball:
"Delusions of adequacy there"

While describing the very young looking first game player Rory Sloane:
"He's come straight from the creche"

When Adelaide player Ben Rutten missed another shot on goal:
"Reminds me of the curious case of Benjamin Rutten"

Thanks for the calls and texts from readers after last night's mishap.
I'm feeling a little better now and will get some rest over the weekend, although tomorrow morning will be fairly intense as Cornerstone's U12s play top of the ladder Busselton Redbacks.
Sport Boy was busy calculating how many games we need to win to finish in the top two tonight.
He made it through school today and is well enough to play although not too impressed with my suggestion that I might play him in goal for some of the game because he hasn't been well!


Jacqui said...

What's with you boys, trying to see who has the harder head ?, I'd prefer it if you didn't try Bruce, or even you Vicki.

Just loved the Commettiisms.
Hope you are feelinbg better today and that Sport boy wins his game

Peter said...

This is like ab-sailing, Mum has already done it!!!!!!
The sad imitation of BBs fall.