Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

I had Scott Darlow at school on Friday presenting sessions to all year groups. Scott is a singer and story teller with a great presence and his music goes down really well with the kids, especially when interspersed with anecdotes that explain his song's significance. You can listen to or download some of his songs from his myspace page. It was a long day though and he was pretty tired by the end of it, so tired that rather than coming round to watch the footy on Friday night he fell asleep in his motel room and missed the game completely. Considering it was the Geelong v W Bulldogs game and he, like me, is a massive Cats fan, he must have been tired. Sport Boy was disappointed he didn't make it but correctly guessed that he must have fallen asleep!
Then again, the result was disappointing with the Dogs winning by 14 points. Geelong fought back well in the 3rd and took the lead in the last to ignite hopes of another come from behind win but a clanger from Mark Blake turned the ball over and gave the Bulldogs what ended up being a match-winning lead. The Cats have been shaky the last 6 weeks and injuries are not helping; hopefully they will be able to lift for the finals.

On Saturday morning the Cornerstone U12s played the Tigers down at Margaret River in very windy conditions. The game didn't go our way unfortunately and despite coming back from 3-0 down to be 3-2 behind at half time the Tigers were brilliant in the second half and ran away to win 8-3! Sport Boy got our third goal late in the game but we were comprehensively beaten.

We'll need to win next week to have a chance of a top two finish in the finals.

Mum and Walter had come over from Bridgetown to watch the game and then came back to Busselton for the Big Busso Quiz Night that I was running at the school last night.

We spent several hours on Saturday arvo getting everything set up and ready including the obligatory wrestling with technology! It all worked out really smoothly in the end and I was pretty happy with the way the night went. Mrs Holt Press even said it was the best one I've run and Noel, who hasn't been to a quiz night in 8 years said he really enjoyed the night!
Mum had made one of her lovely Santas and donated it to be auctioned. Bernie Masters did a good job with the auctioneering and the Santa sold for $100.

Scott played some songs at intermission which was a special treat but he too had gremlins in the system to deal with.

I've spent this afternoon cleaning up and packing away all the chairs and gear we used last night: PA, projectors, staging, computers, easels, desks etc. The 30+ tables will need to go back to various classrooms tomorrow morning. Sport Boy came down and gave me a hand after he finished his tennis tournament at Australind.

I've just finished counting the money and it looks like we've raised just over $2200 which is good but not great, we didn't get as many people there as I'd hoped or indeed as many as we've had the last couple of years. I don't know what else we need to do to attract a crowd, I put up signs all over town, gave flyers to every student, had it advertised in the papers and people from YouthCare sold tickets in all the churches! Sport Boy and Spike even did some letter box drops delivering flyers!
Stu suggested maybe it was the impact of the GFC!

The disappointing part is that it takes the same amount of work to run a quiz night for 100 people as it does for 400 and of course, the more people you get the more money you raise.
There was a lot of positive feedback and people had a good time, we just need to get people to come!

There've been two thrillers in the footy this arvo. In the first North Melbourne pulled off one of the shocks of the season in beating StKilda by 5 points. Unbeaten up until last week the Saints have lost two in a row and the fans must be feeling a little nervous! I sent St Nick a couple of texts this arvo to mark the occasion and told him it was a bit late to start tanking!

The other thriller was in the Chaplains FFL Preliminary Final which ended in a draw between my team, the Bussell Muscle, and Collo's team, the Tryhards! Matthew Pavlich got a couple of possessions late in the game which enabled the Tryhards to snatch a draw! The way Fantasy Footy works the season has to finish next week so there's no way to play a replay, I'm not sure what the outcome will be. St Steve the Commissioner will have some thinking to do!

I'm going round to Dave's place tonight to watch Spurs play West Ham and see if we can maintain our great start to the season.

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